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picture from the movie "Funnybones"

Funnybones Production delivers worldclass entertainment for public and corporate events. Performing artists are booked through the agency for small and large scale show and theatrical productions.
The agency represents performing artists from a wide variety of fields including contemporary and new circus, comedy and speciality acts.

Funnybones Production is one of the leading companies in Scandinavia offering professional consulting in entertainment and show business.


Funnybones Consultant

Funnybones can help you with all the technical details such as stage, video screens, lighting and sound engineering. Funnybones Production collaborates with the foremost technical engineers.
Funnybones is qualified to assist you in developing the artistic concept for an event, such as a gala dinner, dinner show, kick off, festival or a theatrical production.

We are working as consultants with some of the major entertainment and theater companies in Scandinavia, such as Cirkus Cirkör, Culture house Subtopia, The Royal Dramatic Theater, The Royal Opera House, Hamburger Börs, etc.
Funnybones is incharge of recruting and coching circus artists to Wallmans Nöjen, dinner show venues around in Scandinavia; Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm and Åre.



LiveNation - Sweden
Wallamans Nöjen
- Denmark, Norway and Sweden
Culture house - Sweden
Art of Artistic GmbH - Germany and Ukraine

Light & Sound
Johan Nilsson Light & Sound - Sweden

Olle Jacobsson - is a highly experienced rigger

Web design and CMS
Snowfire - Sweden

Funnybones Production is a member of Manegen - Federation for circus, variety and street performance



To be a strong and good production and agency company on the international market, within the field of showbiz, contemproary circus, variety industries and street performances.

The Production unit produce performances, shows and festivals that is mainly in the circus, variety and street performance field.

The production unit offering consultant both on the public and the corperate market. For example to take care of the entire framing of the artistic concept, conected to an event, party, festival or other activities related to the entertainment and event industries.

The Agency unit have a exclusive and limited, high skilled and qulified client list of comedy, variety and contemporary circusartists.


Primary market
United Kingdom

Secondary market