Elin König

Handstand, contortion, aerial acrobatic

Showreel Music Rider

Elin König, the young artist with many strings to her bow.
She trained circus acrobatics from age 5 with a wide spectra. Her specialties include, among others hand stands, tissue, aerial ring, katchuck high level.
Her acts is a breathtaking moment where she easily presents her acts with a choreographic performance. A fantastic experience with the variety of music from classical to heavy metal. She also exercises fire, somersaults.

She won awards in Riga State Circus in 2008 for her charisma and acrobatics and width.
2009 she won the Grand Prix of Sevastophel / Ukraine
2010 Grand Prix in a major international festival in Norrköping
2010 Gold in Lugansk / Ukraine
One of the succesful finalists in Sweden Got Talent 2010,
Tour in the USA / Circus Smirkus 2003, 2004.2005

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