orthae The fakir


Showreel Music Rider

Fakiren Orthae is one of the few Swedish fakirs still breathing.

For more than fifteen years he has stunned and amazed the world with his lethal act. Long thick needles, fire, stapler, mouse traps, pellet rifle, strait jacket and mini motorcycles are just a few of his props. In addition to this, his ability to swallow multiple solid steel swords, and even an illuminated LED sword, has assured him a place in the Sword Swallowers Museum and Hall of Fame in Alabama, USA. He is also spokesperson and Bureau Chief for Sword Swallowers Association International (SSAI), Scandinavia.

The show combines dangerous, dramatic, and amazing stunts with a warm and wicked sense of humour.
Fakiren Orthae is best enjoyed served hot, and after the main course.

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