mentalist & mindreader

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Is free will an illusion?

With a great deal of humour, excitement and astonishing entertainment, Micke Askernäs takes you a trip that makes you question your own free will.

Can you really read minds? Can you really read people? Their facial expressions? Body language? Subliminal signals? Can you -really- control or predict peoples thoughts and decisions during an entire evening?

Micke Askernäs seems to be in control of all this!
And, somewhat pleasantly nonchalantly, he also bends metal with the power of his mind and plays russian roulette with loaded staple guns in an incredible show you will not forget easily!

Micke was awarded Swedish Champion of Mental Magic in 2009, and appeared in over 20 tv productions both in Sweden and abroad. Currently, he is one of the main acts in Sweden's Got Talent 2010 and has performed on 4 different continents.

Micke can also adapt his shows for most occasions and venues and fits perfectly for events, trade fairs, meetings and all kinds of festivites for companies as well as private parties!

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