Drum circus

Showreel Music Rider

Four musicians established the idea of ConRytmo in year 2000 as an answer to bland, uncreative percussion groups. ConRytmo wanted to put the instrument “drums” into a different spotlight.
The group created a whole new idea in the world of show business and events. "DRUM CIRCUS" Their innovative, high-end entertainment is unique. Not only their instruments are custom-made, every drum show is designed and developed by the four members. ConRytmo is best described as a “Drum Circus”.
Goldfish bowls, laser beams, wine glasses and drainpipes but most of all drums are used to express the beats in their mind-blowing show “Drums Should Be Forbidden”.
A spectacular show that fascinates people all over the world, every age group is caught up in their spell. So far ConRytmo performed in 11 countries.

Extreme Disco Ball
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