Circus@Cirkus 2011

Circus@Cirkus 2011

Illustration of the final set of Circus@Cirkus 2011

Circus@Cirkus 2011

Funnybones Production in colaboration with LiveNation Sweden.

This production is still in the project planing for 2011.
At the moment we are in negotiation with different sponsors.
If you are interested to sponsor this production please contact:
Tobias Ekman

Circus@Cirkus are planed to open at the circus venue Cirkus at Djurgården in Stockholm, Sweden Summer 2011.

© Funnybones Production Ltd, 10 januari 2010
Thorsten Andreassen & Krister Lindgren

The show is about a girl and her magical journey to seek for her for her deceased Uncle Bob.
The Trickster enters the girl's world as an messenger and take her to search for her long-awaited and missing Uncle Bob.

Through the girl's eyes, the audience experience an enchanting journey of circus performers, and she become dazzled by their equilibrism. Trapeze artist who risk life and limb at high altitudes. A contortionist only with her feet and high precision hits its target with a bow and arrow, also standing on the hands. She meets force acrobats who put their lives in each other's hands. Sometimes the circus performers lose their possessions, so does the audience, when the charming pickpocket is on the move to everyone's surprise.
With a blindfold the tightrope artists do daring somersaults on the slack wire, jugglers defy the law of gravity.

With fingers like wings of a hummingbird, the magician creates subtle magic illusions, unicycle artist dazzles with his balance tricks on a five-meter high unicycle.

The performance set design, costume and make up is inspired by Tim Burton's wonderful world of movies. The music is specially written for the show and for each number. Everything in The Magical Land is a bit abstract, with exaggerated features in a slightly skewed world.