Workshop & Master Class With Joshua Zehner & Jason Berrent

Jason Berrent & Joshua Zehner in Kooza by Cirque du soleil

Workshop Seminar and Master Class

Two world-class artists from Cirque du Soleil coming to Sweden to hold workshop, seminar and master class. Joshua Zehner - clown and director, and Jason Berrent - acrobat, dancer and choreographer.
It is now clear that the courses will be held 7-10 April 2010 in the premises of Subtopia in Alby.

SEMINAR April 7 (Fee: €6)
Thorsten Andreassen / Funny Bones Production in cooperation with Subtopia and Manege - Center for the circus, vareity and street performance has invited Joshua Zehner & Jason Berrent to share their experiences in the circus world. Joshua and Jason talk about their own journeys as artists and how they converged in the touring production Kooza by Cirque du Soleil.Their meeting with CDS the foundation for a successful collaboration as directors of the critically acclaimed show "Cirque Berzerk" in Los Angeles 2009th. Experience to be part of the creation team and be involved to develop and create some of the main characters and numbers that will live for many years to come in tour production Kooza.

WORKSHOP April 8 (Fee: €80)
Headteacher: Joshua Zehner assisted by Jason Berrent
"Your act is just an excuse to show off your talent."

With the help of motion and emotion strengthens your charachter expression.
The actor and clown can tell you a lifetime of stories without saying a word. In comedy, it is not what you say, it's how you say it. You learn to be a fun person who does things and not one person doing fun things. Critically acclaimed director and artist Joshua Ryan Zehner help you unlock the main key to success on the stage ... You.

Joshua helps you reach your full potential, through what he has learned during more than several thousand imagine warrant, more than thousands of hours on stage. He has received much praise for his work as director and co-writer of Cirque Berzerk: Beneath. It became one of the most high-profile shows in Los Angeles during summer 2009. Joshua has performed and created materials for Cirque du Soleil, Ringling Bros. and Barnum Bailey Circus, The Late Show with David Letterman, The Second City Las Vegas and The Amazing Jonathan from Comedy Central.

WORKSHOP April 9 (Fee: €80)
Headteacher: Jason Berrent assisted by Joshua Zehner
"Strong Body, Strong Mind, Strong Self"

BE PRESENT! Learn to reach your audience through.... YOU.

Jason's Workshop is designed to enhance body awareness and explore stage presence through movement. His warm up helps to feel the body, release muscle tension and correct body alignment. Learn to control your breath and stamina. Learn to express emotions using movement and your own body language. Jason believes every movement we make has a purpose and intention! Let yourself go, be in the moment and have fun! (Open to actors, acrobats, clowns, dancers and singers who move).

Jason Berrent is an acclaimed artist. He created the role of The Trickster for CIrque du Soleil's Kooza. Berrent also collaborated with Zehner as Assistant Director and Choreographer of Cirque Berzerk's Beneath. Jason teaches movement workshops around the world to various performance troupes and schools. He has choreographed for Queen Latifah, Sy Smith, The Choreographer's Ball, BET, Cirque Berzerk & Cinda Ramseur. He appeared on stage in Nicky Silver's Fit To Be Tied, Peter Pan The Musical, Cirque du Soleil and currently appears in promotions for The Sundance Film Festival, Disney, Adidas & Infiniti Motors. Berrent is a former tumbler and U.S. National Team Member who won the 2002 U.S. Championships and 2003 Canada Cup.

MASTER CLASS April 10 (too late to apply)
Headteacher: Joshua Zehner and Jason Berrent

Participating artists may submit their numbers/acts that number is defined, then the act will be broken down into different modules. Joshua and Jason will look at ways to strengthen the artist's personality in number and in particular to work with the character and not work with the discipline. Trick / art lets you be who it is and focus only on the individual. Jason looks at the technique of movements in the number and try to implement a pattern of movement and choreography in order to clarify the charachter and some key elements of the Act.

The Seminar, Workshop and Master Class will be held at Subtopia (
Adress: Rotemannavägen 10 in Alby
Subway station: Alby
(Red line to Norsborg from central station T-Centralen aprox 40 min by subway.)


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