Betty Brawn
Strongest Lady in the World!

Betty Brawn (AUS)

Världens starkaset kvinna - Strong Lady

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Born with the grace of her mother & the strength of her father, Betty Brawn is no ordinary lady - she is known around the world as the Strongest Lady Alive!
This strong lady is set to delight audiences around the world from family audiences in the morning through to late night adult audiences with champagne in hand.  A genuine strong lady, Betty Brawn presents an exhilarating array of feats of strength as she tears thick romantic novels, twists solid metal, snaps steel chains and shatters gender cliches. She gently lifts grown men into the air as if they were feathers - even spinning two men simultaneously in the remarkable “Human Carousel”. You will laugh, you will gasp & you will walk away smiling from this celebration of what makes us all strong in our own wonderful ways.

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